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As I have said before, I am as upset about the whole Archie Sonic reboot thing as you all are.  When I learned of all the legal ugliness that lead to the reboot (Ken Penders suing, the settlement outside of court, the new mandates from Sega), any hope I might have had of seeing Geoffrey and Hershey reunite was dashed.  This discovery did not sit well with me.  I was so upset I experienced stomach problems.

In the time since, I tried to think of things to try and pitch to the parties involved in this whole thing in hopes it would get them to undo the reboot and allow the old continuity to continue as it was.  I had a couple of ideas, which were as follows.

1.Try and convince Ken Penders to sell the rights to characters he won't use in The Lara-Su Chronicles back to Archie.

2.Convince Archie, Sega, and Ken Penders to renegotiate the terms of agreement of Ken Penders' characters in a manner that appeases all three of them.  This idea lead me to think of this. ->…

However, when you think about it, the whole thing is a lot more complex than that.  If we really want the old Archie Sonic continuity back, it's going to take more long-term planning than what's happened so far.  And I think I have come up with something.  This idea I had will take commitment and dedication, and I can't guarantee that it will work, but I think this plan is at least worth a try.

My plan is as follows: Send Archie and Sega of America and Japan a regular influx of letters (and I mean physical paper letters) detailing our displeasure with the Archie Sonic Comic reboot.  Keep our displeasure on their minds so that, when the time is right, they will be more willing to restore the previous continuity.

I can't promise that this plan will be an instant fix, or that it will even work right now (if at all).  But the thing is, this plan isn't meant as an instant quick-fix, because something like this can't be fixed that easily.  It's meant as a long-term plan meant to be stretched out over an extended period of time.  For it to have a chance, it's going to take three things.


I would like the old continuity to return soon myself. But we shouldn't expect it to come back soon. The legal ugliness that lead to the current state of the Archie Sonic Comics is still fresh in the minds of Archie and Sega, and neither are in much of a hurry to bring it back. If we want it back, we have to be in it for the long haul.

It's also not enough to send letters to one person at Archie and Sega. If you really want to get their attention, you need to send letters to key people at those companies. Here are a few that I would recommend.

1.Victor Gorelick (Editor-In-Chief at Archie Comics)

2.John Cheng. (CEO of Sega of America)

3.Michael Pellerito (President of Archie Comics)

4.Hajime Satomi (President and CEO of Sega) (note: may require translating letters to him into Japanese)

5.Paul Kaminski (Executive Director of Editorial at Archie Comics)

(If anyone knows other people at Sega and Archie to contact, let me know.)

As for where to send them, well, here's some addresses you need to know. These were taken straight from the company websites.

Archie Comic Publications Inc.
325 Fayette Ave.
Mamaroneck, New York, 10543-2318

Sega Of America
350 Rhode Island St.
Suite 400
San Francisco, CA, 94103

Sega of Japan
Canal Side Building
1-39-9, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku
Tokyo, 140-8583

I myself have already written a letter for each of these people. I would recommend the same for all of you. If you agree to this, let me know, and start typing up your letters.

And yes, it would also help to send letters to Ken Penders as well. I know that his attitude about this hasn't been all that stellar (I hear tell he's just been dismissing all the displeasure and saying it will all be settled when The Lara-Su Chronicles releases.). However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to include him in this. He's as important to this whole thing as Archie and Sega are, and as such, we should send letters to him too. Unfortunately, I don't know his home address, so I would recommend contacting him via E-Mail.  I have not written an E-Mail concerning this to him yet.  I should probably get started on it.

For the letters themselves, there are some things I would highly recommend you write.

1.Try to keep a decent attitude. That means no insults, no accusations, no name-calling, and other rudeness along those lines. If you want Archie and Sega to take you seriously, that means you should try to sound reasonable.

2.Try to be understanding about the current situation. As I said earlier, the legal ugliness that resulted in the reboot is still fresh in the minds of Sega and Arhie, so neither of them are all that eager to visit it any further. Tell them that you understand, but will continue to push for an undoing of the reboot.

3.Point out that you are aware of the fact that the current Sonic continuity has fans. The current continuity has been able to draw an audience, so you will have to be willing to let stories and elements from it be integrated into the old continuity if the circumstances for its return are able to happen.

4.Show them some backbone. While we should sound reasonable, we should also make it known we are also steadfast in our belief. We should not come off as pushovers, or Archie and Sega won't think much of us.

Now, I would imagine there's likely a few people here on DA who are looking at this journal entry and thinking things along the lines of “this will never work”, “the old continuity is gone and never coming back”, “just get over it”, “I think the new continuity is fine/better than the old one” etc. This should come as no surprise, really. The writing is pretty much on the wall for the current state of the comic thanks to the whole legal thing, and, really, these are Sonic fans. The Sonic fandom is quite possibly the most fractured, divided, prone-to-infighting-est fandom in all of geekdom. You will NEVER get all the fans to agree on everything. Heck, I myself have drawn my lines in the sand in regards to Sonic The Hedgehog myself. And since I'm writing this, you know one of them is “the reboot of the Archie Sonic Comic continuity was a bad thing because of all the unanswered plot threads we may never get any closure for now”. I probably shouldn't expect this plan to work. However, for anyone who cares this much for the old Sonic Comic continuity, maybe it's at least worth a shot. When people are passionate about something, they will fight for it, even if it is a lost cause. Sure, maybe this is a lost cause, but it should still be given that old college try.

And yes, I am also aware that there are people who prefer the Sonic Comic continuity that has come after the Super Genesis Wave from the Worlds Collide crossover event. I am also aware that restoring the old continuity has the potential to alienate these new fans as much as the reboot has alienated those who've followed the comic since it went into print. Look, I've nothing against the fans of the new continuity. If they like it, fine. In fact, to make them happy, I would be okay if, should circumstances make it possible to bring back the old continuity, certain characters, stories, and elements from the new continuity can be allowed to exist in the old one. Here's who I could see coming to the old one.

1.Relic The Pika and her little Gizoid assistant.

2.The Extended Black Arms.

3.The Sonic Unleashed characters.

4.The Sonic Colors characters (I heard that that occurred in the new continuity already.)

5.The Shattered World Arc.

Sorry if this doesn't seem like much. I should look more into what's happening in the new continuity, but after finding out about the legal ugliness that necessitated the reboot, when I tried going back to the Mobius Encyclopedia to look them up, I just ended up upsetting myself by being reminded of the world that was lost, and all the plot lines we lost our chance at closure for. Sure, Ian Flynn's gonna publish The Lost Hedgehog Tales to clear that up. When it comes out, I will likely follow :iconlost-hedgehog-tales:'s online comic adaptation of it. But right now, I want to at least try something to get the old continuity back.

Also, I know that, after a year of this with no results, the situation is looking pretty permanent for the Archie Sonic Comic continuity. Why continue to try when it's obvious that Archie is not bringing the old continuity back? Well, let me tell you all a story.

In 1994, DC made a comic called “Emerald Twilight”, wherein Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, went through a storyline wherein his hometown of Coast City was destroyed. In response, he went insane and murdered the rest of the Green Lantern Corps and the Central Power Battery, and became the villain Parallax. After a few years, the sun was threatened by a Sun-Eater, and Hal sacrificed the last of his energy to reignite it, sacrificing his life in the process. He came back as The Spectre for a time, but the fanbase was not pleased. In fact, they were VERY not pleased. So not pleased, in fact, that they actually formed an online group called “Hal's Emerald Attack Team” (later renamed “Hal's Emerald Action Team”, though now I think it's called “Hal's Emerald Advancement Team”) (H.E.A.T.), with the intent of getting Hal Jordan reinstated as The Green Lantern, and forgiven for his actions as Parallax. They spent years trying to get DC to agree to their demands. And in 2004, they succeeded, as DC published the storyline “Green Lantern: Rebirth”, which brought back Hal and revealed that he'd been possessed by the being called “Parallax”, hence granting him a pardon for what he had done. If anyone is interested in checking them out, their website is still up. Here is a link.

It took H.E.A.T. a decade to achieve their goal. Sure, DC didn't have a ton of copyright issues and mandates to deal with that saw Hal not be the Green Lantern, but if they could do it, then maybe, with time, the old Sonic continuity can come back as well. Because that's what I think is needed to restore the old continuity.


Namely, time to let Sega and Archie cool down from all this legal ugliness. Time to see how Ken Penders' Lara-Su Chronicles ultimately does. Time to let Sega and Archie go through a change in management to people who don't have the hang-ups that the people currently in charge do.

In the meantime, however, what the fans need to do is not let the memory of the old continuity die. When I think about it, that's one of the tasks of my idea. Keep the memory of what happened to the old continuity alive. Remind Archie and Sega that there is still an audience for the old continuity. So that, when the time is right, they will do what needs to be done to restore it.

I can't say if this plan will work, especially since it's still so soon after all this has gone down. Remember, the memory of the legal mess is still fresh in their minds, and they'll likely wish to just let it rest. And you know what? Fine. Because as I said before, what we need to get the reboot undone is time to let them cool down from all that. And in the meantime, we need to keep them remembering that the old continuity still has a fanbase. If you are passionate about the old Sonic Comic Continuity, the old world, the old characters, the stories it told, and the stories it could tell, then maybe you would be willing to be part of this plan.

If you are, start typing up your letters. To ensure a nice big amount of letters, I will make the 20th the date upon which the first wave of letters will be sent. This isn't a guaranteed success, but maybe it can have some effect.

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